Dry Eye Assessments

Do you suffer from dry eyes?

If so, join the club!

Many people suffer from dry eyes without realising it. But if you recognise any of these symptoms we might be able to help.

Common signs and symptoms of dry eyes include;

  • Eye discomfort: your eyes burn, sting, feel gritty and sensitive to light
  • Foreign body sensation: feeling like there is something in your eye
  • Eye redness/watering
  • Eye fatigue: your eyes seem to tire easily, especially when reading, using a computer or watching TV.
  • Changeable blurry vision: can be a problem, especially for contact lens wearers, as they can upset the delicate balance of tear production  and distribution

Dry Eye Clinic

The tear film has approximately 40 different chemicals all doing their own little job and the balance of these chemicals is very important, even using the wrong type of makeup remover can influence the quality of the Pre Corneal Tear Film and cause dryness issues such as itchy sore eyes.

There are 3 main layers in the tear film and the combination and integration of these different layers is fascinating and remarkable but different products can target different parts of the tear film so it can be difficult choosing what's correct for you.

In our Dry Eye Clinic we will analyse your tear film and discuss any deficiencies and recommend either changes in routine, diet, exercises or drops which will lead to more comfortable eyes and vision.

During your initial consultation we will ask you to fill out an FDA approved Dry Eye Questionnaire before we carry out various tests to evaluate the quality and quantity of your Pre Corneal Tear Film. This helps us to analyse the severity of the problem, how often it's occurring and when it most often occurs.

We will take careful note about the problems you're experiencing and when, your type of work and the work environment, along with any treatments that you are currently using. Any medical history and medication is noted.

The examination will include a Phenol Reed Thread test to tell us about the volume of tears and examining the tear film and the eyes with the Bio-Microscope initially without dye and then with Lissamine Green Dye, which colours up denatured or dry

cells and then with Fluorescein which shows up any damaged cell walls. All these processes are completely patient friendly and you will be comfortable throughout.

We will also be looking very carefully at the health of the lids and lashes as this can affect the tear film.

The initial consultation is £95 this covers up to 3 appointments or any follow-up appointments within a 3 month period along with 5% discount on any drops or solutions required.

An Optometric Assistant will advise on how to get the best out of any products required

We would then recommend follow-up visits after a period to monitor progress and advise any changes which might be beneficial.

If a new patient attends for Dry Eye evaluation we would usually prefer to carry out a full Sight Test and internal Eye Examination at the same time. Since so many will be over 60 then it may be that this exam can be carried out without charge under the NHS .