Lens Coating

After selecting your lenses, consideration should be given to choosing a lens coating that best suits your requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced dispensing opticians at Silverman Opticians in N1 London, provide detailed unbiased advice on spectacle lens coatings without obligation or pressure.

Lens Coatings

Lenses can be uncoated, hard coated (so that they scratch less easily) or multi coated to minimise reflections from the lens surfaces. The latest combination coatings leave the lenses cleaner, tougher and clearer than ever before allowing people to see your eyes rather than your lenses.

‘Blue’ Coatings

Nowadays, we spend more time viewing digital screens which are often equipped with powerful light sources emitting intense blue light that can cause eye strain. The latest ‘blue’ multi-coatings absorb high energy blue light thereby enhancing the contrast of digital screens and reducing visual stress and harmful effects of UV.

SeeCoat Bright

The very latest coating from Nikon Optical called SeeCoat Bright, is specially designed to counteract the ageing effects in the crystalline lens. Nikon claim that this new coating will give a brighter colour perception and improved contrast to patients with less colour sensitivity. The coating comes with Nikon’s usual scratch resistance warranty and incorporates an e-SPF (Eye Sun Protection Factor) to protect eyes from UV.

Sun Coatings

Traditional sun lenses reflect some UV rays from their back surface. A Sun coating is specifically designed to eliminate both UV and visible light reflected into the eye providing a higher degree of protection equivalent SPF 50+ and reducing the discomfort from glare.

Crizal Forte UV

Crizal Forte UV offer your eyes protection against dangerous UV from the front and the back surfaces of the lens, while ensuring the best enduring clarity of vision. Crizal Forte UV protects the eyes from UV rays reflected off the back surface of the lens and also protects against the five enemies of clear vision.


Transitions lenses offer all the benefits of clear lenses indoors and sunglasses outdoors. They provide visual comfort by automatically adjusting to changing light conditions. This helps to reduce glare and eye fatigue. Eye health is also preserved because these lenses block 100% of UV rays.


In addition to providing protection against UVA and UVB rays, polaroid lenses give effective protection against the glare caused by reflected sunlight making them ideal for sports (especially those involving water or snow). Polaroid lenses also provide enhanced colour perception, improved contrast and greater visual comfort than basic tints.