Sports Lenses

Our highly qualified and experienced dispensing at Opticians Silverman Opticians in London E5, provide detailed unbiased advice on spectacle lenses designed for sports without obligation or pressure.

Several tints are available to enhance the contrast of a ball against grass and sky when playing sports such as golf, tennis or cricket.

Polaroid lens designs are used to reduce glare and reflections from water or snow e.g for rowing, angling and skiing.

Light weight, wrap around frames with ‘extra tough’ prescription lenses can offer excellent vision and protection eg for cycling.

Masks and goggles can be specially made to incorporate your prescription for swimming, diving, skiing, or racing.

The latest sports lenses incorporate tints, special coatings, polaroid options and are even available in varifocal designs to combine distance and reading prescriptions.

The skill of our specialist sport vision optometrist, with experience of working with elite athletes from Premier League footballers to Olympic athletes and friendly personal service ensure that whatever your sport, there is a sports eye wear solution for you to protect your eyes, give you clear vision and improve your game.