Varifocal Lenses

Our highly qualified and experienced dispensing Opticians at Silverman Opticians provide detailed unbiased advice on progressive, varifocal spectacle lenses without obligation or pressure.

Progressive Lenses (Varifocals)

Progressive lenses also known as varifocals, are designed to counter presbyopia, which usually begins to affect us in our forties. As our eyes mature, the nearest point of vision that we can focus on becomes further away and so reading and other near vision activities become more difficult.

Progressive lenses correct the effects of presbyopia with a gradual change in prescription from distance to near vision, restoring your natural vision without the unsightly segmentation lines or image jumps experienced with bifocals. The latest progressive lenses provide complete focussing freedom in all the visual zones to make your vision as simple and natural as possible.

Nikon offer a range of different varifocals to suit every budget and most spectacle prescriptions, They are available in different refractive indices influencing lens thickness and weight and are also available with Transition VI technology, and a variety of coatings to reduce scratches, smudges and dust. The top of the range Nikon SeeMax progressive can be ordered with variable parameters to give a bespoke tailored progression.

The Varilux varifocal range is extremely extensive to suit most patients’ budgets and requirements. Their lenses are available in all refractive indices, with several different coatings, and Transition VI technology. The latest Varilux S series range from Essilor provides the widest corridors yet and can be ordered with Eye code for an individually tailored lens.

Essilor Eye Code – with Visioffice

At Silverma Opticians we have a special Visi-Office machine to order lenses with ‘Eye code’. Eyecode is a unique breakthrough in lens personalisation and is at the forefront of innovation. Currently, all lenses that are manufactured assume every person has the same Eye Rotation Centre (ERC), when in fact it can vary by 30%. The dynamic 3D measurements, which can only be measured by Essilor’s Visioffice system, is based on pinpointing the exact Eye Rotation Centre that is unique to every person, delivering a truly tailored eye diagnosis, that is quick, easy to determine and highly accurate.

The ERC measurement is independent from head posture (respecting its natural behaviour) and is unaffected by convergence / phoria problems. Lens centering is more accurate, as for the first time both the Pupil distance (Pd) and the fitting height (Fh) are related to the ERC position. Patients will benefit from:

  • Lenses that are five times more precise, giving a total lens-to-eye synergy,
  • Instant vision without effort
  • Dynamic and highly contrasted vision
  • Eye Code – Information Video

Other Progressive Lens Manufacturers

At Silverman Opticians, we also use several other lens manufacturers for varifocals such as:

so that we can find the perfect lens for your requirements.